We made it!

After a long couple of months, with the help of many donors and people who have helped this cause, we can proudly say we have reached our goal!
We want to thank all of you for donating and sharing this cause! Together we have helped the hospital and inhabitants of the Afrin region in faster aid.
We are very proud of this accomplishment and hope you are as well.

Thank you ! See the pictures of the ambulance and the hospital below


Ambulance for Afrin

Foundation Help Kobane has been committed to helping the children and women of Kobane for 6 years now.
Our current project “Shahba hospital Afrin” is in collaboration with a newly opened hospital in the Afrin region. Over 120 thousand refugees are currently living in the Afrin region with bad circumstances and living areas since the Turkish invasion in 2018.  The Shahba Hospital Afrin, has been in a situation of extreme urgency for almost two years, trying to ensure the best health care that the 120 thousand refugees need and deserve. The Covid emergency added to the already serious problems of the refugees. In the past, Aleppo hospital was helping Afrîn hospital but now the Covid pandemic has made this impossible.
There are 28 doctors and a total of 141 people working in the hospital, but lacking equipment and means of emergency transportation. There is currently an urgent need for equipment in order to guarantee the best assistance to the tens of thousands of refugees already in the camps and to those who continue to arrive.

Foundation Help Kobane will be providing an Ambulance to the hospital to be able to help more people in that area for quicker transportation of those in need. This way the hospital of Afrin can respond faster and provide immediate assistance when needed.

Every Euro donated will be entirely spent in the realization of the health project.

Background region of Afrin:
Until 2018, the region of Afrin was the least affected by the Syrian civil war. But on March 20th of 2018, that changed after the invasion of the capital Afrin. About 300 thousand people fled to the city of Tall Rifat, Shahba area and neighboring areas, where refugee camps were set up with the support of the local population and administrations of the Northern and East Syria Federation.

The refugees are currently still living in extremely precarious situations. Some are housed in semi-destroyed schools, mosques and semi-destroyed shops and houses in ruins, others have lived for months in their cars and many even outdoors and on the road without basic needs (shelter, food, medicine, clothing, vaccines). All depend to the only hospital in the region, Afrîn hospital.
When there is an emergency, there are almost no means of reaching the Afrin hospital in a short period of time. This results in losses, infections, and many other problems that the region is not able to handle.

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