Stichting Help Kobane is an ANBI classified organization.

ANBI information:

Official name: Stichting Help Kobanê
Address: De Kersenboomstraat 1, 1551BV, Westzaan
KvK registration: 63191571
Kind of registration: Rechtspersoon
RSIN: 855130859

Board members:

E.Kaynak – Board Member
Other activities- Directeur – Dala Zorg BV & Blinkwerk

B.Colak – Board Member
Other activities: Directeur – Madeliefje Thuiszorg & Co-Owner – Pelk Advies

H. Hassan– Board Member
Other activities: Dem Advocatuur 

The remuneration policy:

Board: no payment
Project manager: 1111,11€ monthly payment
Volunteers: 150€ monthly payment

Our reports:

We also have a CBF Goede Doelen certificate. 

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