Pages of Hope poems: A selection of poems by Robert Frost

The Help Kobane Foundation’s project Pages of Hope is focused on education and literature with the aim to provide children and young adults with educational and recreational literature in minority languages in order to boost literacy. One of the Pages of Hope is a poem by Robert Frost, an American poet who 4 Pulitzer prizes. Read 4 poems of this author in English and Kurdish language.

Compiled by Stichting Help Kobane and The Tree party Foundation.
Translated by Omer Resûl

Fie and Ice – Agir ȗ Qeș​

After Apple-Picking – Piştî Çinîna Sêvan

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening – Rawestana li Bara Daristanan di Êvareka Berfbarîn de

Birches – Darên Xȗsê

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